Monday, November 7, 2016

Mixing Colors

This morning the children had the opportunity to to mix paint in the maple room. They first started off with three colors Red,Yellow,and Blue. From there they began mixing colors together to create more colors for the children to choose from throughout the day. They also used the color wheel as a guide to choose colors they wanted to make.
"Lets see what makes purple."  Livy and Lilly

"Blue and red."

"I want to make purple." 

"Look we made purple."

"Now let's make a lighter orange."

All the colors they mixed today red,yellow,dark and light green pink, dark and light orange,dark and light blue, purple.

Michigan Standard of Quality:Early Learning Expectation: Knowledge about the Earth. Children show a beginning awareness of scientific knowledge related to the earth.Safe opportunities to change and observe change in things; e.g., taking apart old machines, tinkering with nuts and bolts, mixing colors, cooking, growing plants, weighing things

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