Monday, November 14, 2016

Playing Together

Today outside, the children were playing games together in large groups and smaller groups. This week, we learned about being kind to each other, using our words to talk to people, and problem solving. After these conversations, a lot of children started working and playing in big groups.

In the morning, many children gathered on the hill to play a game of Duck, Duck Goose! They all took turns being the person who called goose on people and made a rule for several people at a time to be involved too.
"I haven't been called yet! I'm lucky," said Stephen. 
"I'm waiting nicely," said Annika.
Jace said, "I'm going to get you Graham!"

Katherine, Sovie, and Lila Beau were playing together with a wagon.
 Katherine said, "I'll pull now. You can sit in here Sovie!" 
"Thanks for letting me sit down," said Sovie 

Teaching Strategies:
Establishes and sustains positive relationships

Rachel Dombrowski, 409 

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