Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Exploring Light and Color

During AM center time in the Oak Room (Construction Room) Macrae and Rohan were exploring light and colors using transparent color blocks. They held them up to the light and realized that whatever they looked at through the colored plastic turned into that color.

Macrae and Rohan using blocks to look outside.
"You're blue!" -Macrae
After exploring things inside the classroom, they stacked the blocks up on the window sills. Rohan and Macrae put one block behind the other and examined the colors. Rohan put the green block behind the red block and said, "Now everything is maroon!" Macrae stacked a blue block behind a yellow one and said, "It makes green."

"I see red and green!" -Rohan

Teaching Strategies Gold: #24 Children use scientific inquiry skills. 
Musselman HDF 409

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