Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Indoor Ice-Skating and Hockey

Indoor Hockey

The Indoor Movement Room offered the students a chance to simulate ice-skating indoors today using paper plates on their feet or shoes. After the students were given time to get used to how to move on their skate-plates, some decided it was easier to use bare-feet on the plates to move easier. The students were then introduced to swimming noodles to serve as hockey sticks and a ball to simulate the hockey puck. After the children were able learn how to control their swings and contact with the ball, another ball was introduced and passing was encouraged.

            "Pass it to me!" -Muadh              Above, Lily P.J. prepares
to hit the red ball

Michigan Standard of Quality: Physical Development and Health
4. Children participate in activities that encourage self-motivation, emphasize cooperation, and minimize competition.

HDF 409, Scudder

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