Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Walnut Room!

In the Walnut Room, children chose to work at the writing center. Some children wrote their names while others drew. Lily wrote her name, while Anaya and Zoey drew pictures. 
 Anaya asked a teacher for help on how to spell the word pizza. Once she wrote it, she drew a pizza.The children worked on their writing skills by using the materials available to them. Once the children finish, they explain to the teachers or other children what the wrote or drew. The children could choose between markers, pens, crayons, or pencils.
"I need to add my name" said Lily
Nearby, another group of children were playing at the game board table. The game that the children were playing was called Monkey. 
"We are playing Monkey" Audrey explained. 
Michigan Standard: 2. Early Learning Expectation: Children begin to develop writing skills to communicate and express themselves effectively for a variety of purposes

Lithuania Parra

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