Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kickball Fun!

Today during PM group, children were playing capture the flag in the Zen Garden. The children were instructed to kick the ball when it was their respective turn, and to then run as fast as they could to the cones. Each child was given the opportunity to either kick the ball, pitch the ball, or guard one of the cones that served as bases. PM group is a way to encourage and engage the children through a variety of different activities at the end of the day during their time on the playground. 

                                   Above, Asher pitches the ball to another child.

Above, Anaya stands in front of the cone."I have to make sure I tag anyone!"

Michigan Standard of Quality: Physical Development and Health

Early Learning Expectation: Children experience growth in gross motor development and use large muscles to improve a variety of gross motor skills in both structured and unstructured settings.
Children typically: Show increasing abilities to coordinate movements (throwing, catching, kicking) in order to build strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina.
HDF 409: Kristen Nagl  

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