Wednesday, December 7, 2016

There's so much to build!

Today in the Oak Room and the Maple Room there was a lot of building going on. Children were using different materials to build their buildings and structures. Around the classrooms the children are able to use legos, wooden building blocks, magnetic tiles and other materials to build with. It takes some time and focus to make some of the buildings stand up on their own, and the children seem very pleased with themselves when they figure it out. 

Andre decided he wanted to continue building a castle that he had previously built and Coen stacked his blocks up nice and tall.

"This is the police station. It has a slide and you go up here, and then you go down." -Gavin
"There's a surprise in here. But you can't look yet." -Daley    

 Teaching Strategies Gold 11: Demonstrates positive approaches to learning
Reina Kehoe

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