Monday, December 5, 2016

Let it Snow!

The children got the chance to play in snow today. Today the snow gear came out and did many different things. The first thing some children made were snow angels. The children smiled as they made there marks on the snow.
"This is so much fun." 
"Look at me. I'm making a snow angel" said Jace
Short while after, some children got shovels and helped with the snow. There where children that helped clear the snow from the bridge while others cleared the pathway for the bikes to pass. The children asked for help when they got stuck in the snow and someone with a shovel went to help.
"Do you know what I'm doing? said Alijah 
Other children decided that they wanted to shovel other areas. The children worked together to move the snow to help others build a snowman.
"I'm going to pick this up" Sarah said
"You have to pack it" said Jace
The children began making a snowman before it was time to go inside. A child explain that there needed to be more snow for the bottom of the snowman. A child brought snow over with the shovel he was using.

Teaching Strategies 11: Demonstrates positive approaches to learning
Lithuania Parra

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