Thursday, December 1, 2016

Measuring is FUN!

Today in the CDLL the children had a vast amount of items they chose to measure in different ways. Some measuring was led by small group teachers while others were pure inquisition of the children. Children had the opportunity to measure with measuring tape, rulers, and the most exciting part their bodies!
 "This is super big, I am going to make it bigger than me, I need one more piece I think." - Livy
 "Michael, look at this. We can see how big this piece of wood is." - Asher
"Can we use this?"- Michael (holds up a ruler)
 "This ruler says this wood is 5 inches."- Asher
 "WOW! Look how big this wall is, I might need some help to get to the top."-Alijah
 "This is bigger than my head."- Muadh
"I wonder how many of these I need to measure this rug?"- Jace
Teaching Strategies #22 Compares and Measures
Kaitlyn King 409

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