Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Big Smiles to End the Semester!

Through out the CDLL there are many positives relationships between children and adults who attend. Big smiles are found throughout the day at this school. During our time outside, even though the snow was melting there were still smiles on the children's faces. On the swings, I observed Favour, Graeme and Ms. SinClair enjoying the swings and then falling off of them. I could hear their laughter from across the playground. 

Braeden, Carter and Rohan collected different amounts of snowballs and compared them on a picnic table. Comparing their sizes, shapes and even the amount of dirt in the snow. 

"Look now we have a million!" -Braeden
"Not a million, just eight." -Carter 
"I have two." -Rohan 

Asher had a giant smile on his face when he got to smash the snow into smaller pieces. As he was on the bridge he would give the broken pieces to children walking by. Each child excited that they received another piece. 

"This is harder than it looks." -Asher 

Not only do we see happiness when experiencing new wether but we also see happiness through out the day here at the CDLL. By building positive relationships we are able to better understand the children's interests. Everyday the children are able to explore what interests them and that allows them to smile everyday. 

Michigan State Standards: 
Social-Emotional Objective 2- Establishes and sustains positive relationships. 
Palenske HDF 409

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