Thursday, April 21, 2016

Rainy Days and Worms!

As we are finally rolling into spring the weather has changed many times! Today it was a rainy spring day so the worms had surfaced from the ground. Many of the children at the CDLL noticed all of the worms and other bugs laying in the sidewalk as they walked into the CDLL. When it was time to go outside many of the children wanted to see what other bugs they could find on our playground! Danny, Sarah, and Lamar chose to get two containers to put their bugs in and went on a hunt! 

Danny said; "Look what we found! We found Roly-polies and more worms!" 

After showing a teacher their findings, Lamar told Danny, "Lets walk around the whole playground to see what we find!"

Ms. Seamans

Teaching Strategies Gold # 25 & 26

Demonstrates Knowledge of the Characteristics of Living Things
Demonstrates Knowledge of the Earth's Environment

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