Thursday, April 28, 2016

It's a bird....It's a plane...It's a helicopter!

Today at the CDLL, children were given the option to take a field trip to see a helicopter land at Finch Field House. On the way to see the helicopter some children pretended to soar like a helicopter. Children waited patiently for the helicopter to land. Once the helicopter landed, Head of the Michigan National Guard Major, General Gregory Vadnais came to greet the children. A few of the children saluted the General, while others shook his hand.

CDLL Children: "We want helicopter!"

David: "We waited for so long!"

Daniel: "Army guard guys came out of the helicopter."

Teaching Strategies Objective: #11 Children demonstrate positive approaches to learning. 
April 28, 2016
Ms. Hallgren and Ms. Vedder

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