Monday, June 1, 2015

What Have We Learned about France?

Today, Mrs. Gursky's small group played a guessing game about France. The children have spent the past couple of weeks learning about France, including the country's architecture, food, and famous landmarks. Today's activity allowed the children to recall the knowledge they have gained about France thus far, and also gave them a chance to share what stood out most to them about the country. For the game, each child had an opportunity to draw a picture of something they remembered about France. Every child also had the opportunity to be a "guesser," while the rest of the children made up the audience. The guesser was the only person who guessed what the picture could be. The audience watched quietly as the guesser took their turn. If the guesser needed help solving the picture, they were able to ask members of the audience for assistance.

The Eiffel Tower was a very popular drawing among the children, but they also created drawings of "the basement of the Louvre", "the old stone building," bridges, and other famous French landmarks! 

Michigan Standards: Children grow in their capacity to use effective listening skills by gaining information from listening, showing progress in listening attentively, and understanding the concept and role of an audience (such as being quiet and considerate). 

 Ms. DeRidder

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