Monday, June 1, 2015

Bridges Together

Today in Mr. Jonaitis' small group the older adults from our Bridges Together program came to share our small group time with us! First, we started with an Ice Breaker, Mr. Jonaitis passed around an egg shaker and had each child and adult tell each other their name and what they did over the weekend. After the ice breaker, Mr. Jonaitis read the book, "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day". Some of the children were all cuddled up to an older adult or two listening to the awful day poor Alexander was having!

After reading the book it was time for a discussion! Mr. Jonaitis asked everyone to sit in a circle so we could see the person coming into the middle to act out their horrible day, then having others guess what happened! Leeny acted out when she fell off a snowmobile and broke her leg. PJ put his right hand on top of his left hand and began clapping them together, "you got bit by an alligator" Mr. Jonaitis guessed. "No, my mom was curling Mimi's hair and my finger got burned. Then my dad put an ice pack on it and it was a good day again". Makenzie told everyone about the time she fell over and hurt her leg. Tommy said that his bad day was when he had to go in timeout. Leah explained that she had a bad day today, she fell off a porch and it hurt! 
After our conversation it was time for an activity. Everyone got a big white sheet of paper and folded it in half. On the left side of the paper we drew a good day, and on the left side of the paper we drew a bad day. Everyone was working together on their pictures and discussed their good days and bad!

Ms. Bemis  

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