Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fun in the Sun!

Today was WATER DAY! The children have been excited about this day for the whole week, but it was finally the day and thats all they could talk about. Although, before it started I caught a few moments that were unrelated to water day.. The Art Room had a lot of sweet words, creative drawings, paintings, and collages.
Luke: "I'm using all colors, its turning brown."

 The teacher asked Nikayla what she was working on, and she said "two books." "One is for my mommy, she likes when I draw." The teacher asked about the other book, but Nikayla said "I don't know yet!"
Nikayla: "Look at all these hearts, its for my mommy." 

 Fifi helped find music for the art room. She played with egg shakers and shook the instruments while dancing around.

 Olivia and Jaquez worked on collages in the Art Room. Olivia said she was making a garden for her mom. She counted five flowers in her garden. Olivia pointed out all of the different colors on the flowers and the sticks. Jaquez was making a collage too, he said " This is just a flower, a boat, and a car."

Then.. the children waited patiently for the water stations to be set up.  Finally, it began, and the children were so excited! The children played at the water table together, worked together to get through the slip and slide, and took turns all afternoon at all of the different stations. 

Water Wednesday was a complete success! The children and the staff had a very busy, exciting and fun filled day outside. 

Objective 3: Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations
Objective 4: Demonstrates traveling skills 

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