Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sawing away!

In the Maple room the children have been working on cutting through wood blocks with a saw. The children have been so close for two weeks! Today Charlie and Ashtin worked very hard to break through. Ashtin ended up breaking through one of the blocks and was so excited! Charlie and Hunter were so excited for Ashtin! Ashtin decided to continue and try to break through the other block. After much sawing he finally did it! Sarah took the sawed off pieces to the other wood working table and began to hammer them.

"We're so close on this one!" - Charlie

"I'm going to break through this one too!" - Ashtin

"I did it!" - Ashtin
"Hunter, look! He sawed all the way through it!" - Charlie
"We need new wood! - Hunter

"This is perfect to build a house with!" - Sarah 
Teaching Strategies Gold: Objective #28 Science and Technology - uses tools and other technology to perform tasks

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