Tuesday, May 24, 2016


This afternoon the CDLL staff set bubbles out for a center outside! The children really enjoyed the bubbles. They were full of energy and loved chasing the bubbles throughout the playground and seeing the different sizes of bubbles. Some of the questions the children had were the following  " How come the bubbles don't look like the shapes of the blower?", "how do  the bubbles go so fast?" and a popular question was "why do they pop?" The children cannot wait to get the bubbles out again!

                                              Asher: " let's see how far my bubbles go!"

                                              Asa: " I love the bubbles, they make me happy"

                                            Andrew: "Look look look! my bubbles is huge"

Miss Miller 5/24/2016

Teaching strategy: Physical objective #7 demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination

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