Thursday, February 18, 2016

Terrific Thursday!

Today the children were engaged in many different activities in the CDLL. In the Oak Room there were five different colors of finger paint the children could explore with. In the Walnut Room the children could investigate with a block of ice that contained natural rocks. The block of ice was in a container on the light table. The children could investigate what happened to the ice when they put rock salt on the it. There were droppers available for the children to drip colored water onto the block of ice. Also in the Walnut Room, children explored with shaving cream.

February 18, 2016

"Look at my hand, it is big. It feels good on my hand." - Helena

"I need salt and then I use color." - Sarah

                                                        "Shaving cream feels like a banana peel." - Ainsley                                                                                                                  "It smells like a big ginormous stinky leaf." - Micha                                                         "It is squishy and feels like soap." - Evie

Teaching Strategy Objective #26 Demonstrates knowledge of the physical properties of objects and materials

 Mrs. Schrank

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