Thursday, January 30, 2014

To You, With Love

The children were very busy in the Oak room today, creating Valentine's cards for the upcoming holiday.
Some of the children wanted to know what the "To" and "From" spaces on the cards were for. The teacher read them the words, and asked the children what they thought they were for. The children decided "To" meant who the card was for, and "From" meant who was making the card. After that, the children started addressing cards to their friends and family. Some of the cards were even addressed to the teachers!
Finally, some children decided that instead of using the pre-made, they wanted to make their own. They asked to teachers to write out words such as "friend" and "love" that they could copy to include in their cards.
Have a fantastic weekend!
Ms. Wright
Teaching Strategies: Literacy #19- Demonstrates emergent writing skills.

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